DIAMOND INSPIRATION ph_jjoy The Worldwide Diamond Energy Grid


The Multidimensional Diamond Energy Grid was established over many years, beginning in 1992, with Diamond Portals in Sacred Sites and Energy Vortex Centers across the Planet – to bring more Light and Alignment to our world. It continues to be expanded with new Portals every year.

This Energy Grid is a meticulously designed infrastructure that creates a very high frequency Unified Diamond Energy Field across the Planet.

Being a part of this extremely high vibratory Unified Field accelerates and amplifies the manifestation of your individual intentions, as you receive 24-hour Diamond Energy Flow from the Diamond Grid to support your life.

As Steward of this Sacred Grid, I also do daily Clearings for all who are plugged into it.

As each of us brings more Light, Alignment and Divine Intervention into our individual lives, our vibration raises and joins the vibration of other Diamond Receivers in the Diamond Grid, amplifying the vibrational power of the Unified Field to uplift our world ... including detoxifying and raising the frequency of the Earth, Institutions, Communities and crises around the world.

When thousands of us consciously choose to connect to the Diamond Energy Grid, we accelerate the manifestation of a New, New, New, New, New Diamond Aloha World:

  • A world where all are ALIGNED with the Divine Power of Heaven and Earth and the Divine Power Within
  • A world where Sorrow and Suffering are relieved
  • A world where all enjoy financial freedom and flow
  • A world where all Beings are living in their full Creative Power ... experiencing Diamond Wealth of Being!

Please join us on the Diamond Energy Grid, as a "Premium Connection" subscriber ... and let's co-create this Diamond Vision together!