The Diamond Alignment Activation is a 6-minute multi-sensory energy transmission delivered via the Internet that immediately connects and aligns you with the Divine Power Within and the Universal Power of Heaven and Earth. This transcendent experience relaxes your mind, clears tension and toxicity from your cells, and activates a Flow of high-frequency Diamond Energy in your body ... gifting you with a deep state of Inner Peace and Joy that emanates from you throughout the day. This powerful and convenient Sacred Tool is accessible whenever you need it: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The online Diamond Alignment Activation is the CORE Transmission of the Sacred Diamond Technology, which, when done consistently (2x a day is optimum) establishes a firm foundation for embodying a life of Joy, Equanimity and Diamond Wealth of Being.

The Diamond Alignment Activation is accessible both by Subscription and Free Access ... to ensure that ALL who are interested can participate in flooding the Planet with Diamond Aloha Consciousness and Joy.