This powerful "Diamond Christ Office/Space Clearing Transmission" activates a deep CORE cleaning out and clearing out of lower vibrational energy that has accumulated in the space where you intend to raise the vibration and create a new foundation of Diamond Consciousness, Power and Joy. This deep clearing releases the density of old thought forms, emotions, paradigms, and beliefs that are in your physical space (and everything in your space), that no longer resonate with your level of Consciousness.

Because our homes, offices and workspaces are an extension of our Consciousness, a thorough Diamond Clearing of the space will literally clear out the old ways of Be-ing in the space ... and create the space for the NEW higher level of Diamond Consciousness to come in!!!

Pick out the space that represents the arena of life that you intend to transform (Office / Healing Space / Work Room / Family Room / Bedroom, etc.) ... to clear out the old vibrations and create the space for Diamond Consciousness and Joy!

Symptoms that let you know a Diamond Christ Office/Space Clearing would be beneficial:

  • Feeling disconnected from your Vision for your Self/your business/your relationship
  • Resistant to taking the "first step" towards something you want to manifest
  • Not getting the results you want
  • Feeling "bogged down" in old ways of thinking
  • Can't see how things can change
  • Working hard but not getting anywhere
  • Feeling like a "gerbil in a cage" when it comes to work
  • Life feels like a struggle instead of a Flow
  • Feeling Isolated from others ... from life
  • Feeling Sluggish, Foggy-headed, Forgetful, Hard to Focus
  • Feeling Tired, Heavy, Unmotivated, Uninspired, Burdened
  • Can't feel your connection with Multidimensional Magic and Expansion
  • Feeling Achy, Congested or Flu-like symptoms
  • Poor digestion
  • Feeling Pessimistic, Negative, Irritable or Cranky
  • More Judgmental of Self and others
  • Amnesia (can't remember anything good in your life)
  • Questioning the future/Fearful
  • Can't feel "flow" in your body
  • Relationships seem "off"
  • More highly Reactive to things that normally don't bother you
  • Feeling mentally, physically and/or emotionally disconnected from your Self

Benefits you can expect from your Diamond Christ Aloha Core Cleaning/Clearing:

  • Renewed Energy Flow and Aliveness
  • Spaciousness to Receive the "New"
  • A Vibrational boost that will give you the energy to do a great physical cleaning of your space ... quickly, powerfully and have FUN doing it
  • Manifestation of the "New" comes from Alignment with Source Energy
  • Freedom from the suppression of old paradigms and ego struggles
  • Clarity for "Harvesting" the NEW
  • Clearing on all levels ... emotional, physical, financial, spiritual/etheric
  • Increased feeling of Connection with your Self - emotionally, mentally, physically
  • Increased feeling of Connection with your Vision for your Self/business/relationship
  • Unburdening and Lightening of your body/mind
  • Feeling more like your Self
  • Ability to remember your evolutionary progress and the excitement of your Diamond Blueprint
  • Ability to feel more flow in your Body and your space
  • Clarity in your thinking
  • Increased ability to focus
  • More Grounded and Strong in yourself/your Body
  • Increased ability to "respond" and not "react" to your circumstances
  • Renewed Inspiration
  • Enhanced Connection to others ... to LIFE and to the larger Cosmic Experience we are in
  • Greater spaciousness in your cells for you to Receive MORE of the Diamond Frequencies and MORE of the Golden Energy Flow if you are signed up for this Flow
  • Increased ability to integrate the powerful frequencies that are flooding the Planet at this time
  • Preparation to receive the most from future Diamond Mastery Transmissions