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Diamond Space Clearing Transmission
MP3 Audio Recording
US $55.00

This powerful Diamond "Space Clearing" Transmission activates a deep CORE cleaning out and clearing out of lower vibrational energy that has accumulated in the space where you intend to raise the vibration and create a new foundation of Diamond Consciousness, Power and Joy. Pick out the space that represents the arena of life that you intend to transform (Office / Healing Space / Work Room / Family Room / Bedroom, etc.) ... to clear out the old vibrations and create the space for Diamond Consciousness and Joy!

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Diamond Alignment Essence Sprays
$7 handling fee
Diamond Mother Essence Spray
2 oz. Aura Spray
US $40.00

The Diamond Essence is the Diamond Heart Energy brought to you by Jacqueline Joy.

Diamond Essences bring you into alignment with your Diamond Self within. When you use the Diamond Essence Aura Spray, your senses are stimulated, instantly uplifting your energy and realigning you to your own Divine flow within. Natural harmony and health are restored and your Inner Radiance and Vitality are increased by activating your flow of Divine Energy.

As you surrender to the perfection of Mother Earth herself, you experience the Diamond Essence and blossom into your Highest Potential.

Activates the flow of the Diamond Goddess energy within you and clears all energies that suppress this sweet power.

Diamond Alignment Intention Cards
2 week delivery
Package of 50
US $89.95
$7 handling fee
Package of 25
US $49.95
$7 handling fee

Diamond Alignment is a very powerful way to create changes in your life and to bring your desires and visions into reality. Writing down your intention on the back of these specially designed Diamond Alignment Intention Cards is a very powerful way to physically anchor your intention and to ensure that the Diamond Energy is transmitting directly into your written intention until it has manifested. These Diamond-Aligned cards are transmission vehicles and will "Diamond-activate" your intentions.

Diamond Alignment Intention Cards are beautifully designed 4" X 3.5" cards with the Diamond Alignment activated logo on one side and blank space on the other side to write your intention. Place your intention card in front of your computer when you log on for the Diamond Alignment Activation as well as in front of an activated Diamond image, if you have one, for even greater effect.

It works best to place each intention on a separate card. Periodically reviewing your intention cards and recording even the smallest changes related to your intention, is a great way to track the things you are creating.

To get the best results from your Diamond Intention Cards, download full instructions here.