What People Have Said about the Diamond Christ-mas Home Installation

Ellen Simon, USA Beloved, Golden, Diamond Being - I'm overwhelmed by the Gratitude I feel for this guaranteed most precious Christmas present that currently exists on the planet. There just cannot be anything superior. This home installation coming straight from your wide open, Joyous, Generous, Loving Heart is such an unspeakably big, wondrous, magnificent manifestation of Sacred Abundance and Wealth!!! None of my words do even close justice to the Gratitude and the LOVE I feel.

Z.S., Singapore I could not go to bed without letting you know how grateful I am for the Diamond Christmas Home installation. It is truly a gift of a life time. I was deeply touched by the generosity of your heart and the heart of your galactic team.

The energy in my house is extremely peaceful and very cozy. I have no desire to leave the house. The food I ate is simply amazing and I have no desire to eat more than what my body needs. I even get to exercise today. That is a shift in my way of being. Diamond Aloha Love & gratitude

Christina Golden, Texas, USA From about 1:45 to 2:00 (TX) I was listening to the Diamond SCRUBBING, CLEANSING, DECONTAMINATING AND MAKING ANEW MY HOME!!!

It was technical mechanical sounds coming through my iphone. I do believe my Team arranged this as they once did in November, 2012, where your voice, Jacqueline Joy, sounded like it was coming in across many dimensions and galaxies. Today it was absolutely grounding the Diamond energy into the physical molecules of wood, pipes, drywall, tiles, carpeting, etc. I heard your high-pitched Diamond Voice ... kind of like your human voice speeded up 10x with loud swishes of breath and energy swooshes as the Diamond Transmutation occurred!!!!

I felt like I was given the privilege of hearing what the DIAMOND TRULY DOES without any limitations of time or place. was awestruck!!!!

At that moment, it occurred to me to hang up and redial, so I enjoyed hearing your human voice during the last of this EXTRAORDINARILY VERY MULTIDIMENSIONAL CLEARING AND TRANSMUTATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOWEE WOWEE!

Anne, Massachusetts, USA Thank you, thank you, thank you, beloved Jacqueline Joy! What a gorgeous Diamond Installation! I am bathing in the energy of all the diamonds. Happy Diamond Solstice, Dear Jacqueline Joy!

Angels wanted to come right in when I got home from work after 11:30pm, though I only had my flowers and angel food in hand ! They made themselves at home, fire going in the gas stove, candles lit, Christmas tree lit, strings of light lit. I think they like the cheerful little lights. I think they remember being here before and feel at home. Thank you for inviting these celestial companions in my Diamondized space! Blessings to you and your family for the holy/wholly/holly/holidays!!

Diamond Love and Gratitude ...

Kim, USA Marvellous, Magical, Christ-In-Mass Home Installation this morning, thank you! Exquisite Archangels' Welcome Instructions, thank you! Seven sacred weeks.........sending infinite fondness Ö

Blissa, New Jersey, USA First I want to share about the Christmas installation. The whole call was pure delight, and I enjoyed the sparkling energy in my home following the call. I actually decided to buy some more indoor lights because they bring me such joy. When I came back in the house I could really feel and appreciate the contrast of the installation even more! I am so thrilled that I changed my mind and decided to choose this gift!!

Celio Villalba, Spain I just Love the Christ-mas installation!! I had to travel to Palma this morning and just returned, finding my house full of Diamond Christ-mas Joy. What a Wonderful transmission.

I am in total Awe with the sequence of the End of Christmas Journey, Christmas activation and the Installation. Feel so full of Diamond Gratitude and Bliss . I am preparing to receive tomorrow the Archangels and feel an Enormous Expansion and Confidence!!

More than ever I feel so Fortunate and Proud to be with you and the other Leaders on this Leading Edge of Consciousness, doing the work that I love the most and has no comparison with anything happening in this planet. With Diamond Gratitude and full of Confidence and Trust for whatís coming in 2015. Also, totally transformed in my Christ Consciousness, particularly after this Powerful, Deep and Brilliant Christmas Journey. Yes for a Diamond 2015!

Christine West, Alaska With what cleared from the Christmas home installation was very uncomfortable and painful for me .. I AM so Grateful to have released all that old. By doing so I have Received actually what I really wanted for my entire life for Christmas ... which has been a priceless gift that no money could have purchased.

Thank you Diamond, thank you ... I AM so appreciative!

Ellen Simon, California I had been really looking forward to the Christmas Home Installation today, because I had experienced last year's and that had been extraordinary, out of this world indeed.

Yet today you surprised me again, even more!!!! Just a year has passed, but so much Expansion, Growth, Breadth, Depth, Intensity and Love has been gained. You have exceeded yourself again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am in Awe and enormous Gratefulness to you, to my NEW Diamondized Home, to my blessedness of having the chance to experience this Diamond Magic. I canít wait.

Kim, Seattle, Washington Diamond Aloha!!! Exquisite, meticulous, sacred installation! For joy! For joy! For joy!

Brigitte, Heidelberg, Germany Thank you for this wonderful Christmas Home Installation - I am sooo uplifted and full of Joy and gratitude - my Being is dancing!!!! I am blessed and in the knowing, celebrating Christmas globally - what an amazing Joy - the Separation has come to an end and I know this is only the beginning. Thank YOU and JESUS.

I send you my deepest gratitude and Love - CHRISTMAS is possible on this Earth!

Michelle, Northern Ireland I just listened to the recording of the DIAMOND HOME CHRISTMAS INSTALLATION TRANSMISSION.

It has been very Powerful for me in the days and weeks leading up to this as I feel my home really has been crying out for this so much and I have responded very much in all the cleaning and clearing even just today I cleaned a cupboard I have not used since I moved in 2 years ago in my kitchen which has a really sticky tar like residue just as Jacqueline described. I am so glad my home has had this meticulous cleansing and will be connected to the grid receiving 30 days of Diamond Energy!!

I am also Grateful for the Diamond Support for me and my family to have the decontamination chambers Clearing lower energies before entering my home as I am sensitive to others thoughts and feelings. I am so looking forward to Celebrating Christmas and having a closer Relationship and Connection with Jesus and the Archangels. I AM so Thankful for all the work done in Consciousness through the Diamond Journeys that will be reflecting back to me and Supporting my family into this coming New Year.

I am so glad I decided to Gift myself and my family in this way, I feel like a child at Christmas for the first time in a long time. I can't wait to See what shows up as a result. I am at home for most of the time so I am able to immerse myself in my Diamond Christmas Home Installation. I am so happy to be able to interact with this living being and ask it for the help I need. I am asking for help to become more consciously aware of it so it can support me at the highest level.

I am enjoying the diamond clarity, harmonization and drinking the diamond water, anchoring with the ma, operating by the multidimensional laws of infinite possibility. I look forward to welcoming the Archangels and preparing my altar for their arrival. I am feeling well prepared for this most glorious, sacred time and humbly blessed for this privilege with deep gratitude in my heart. Diamond Aloha Blessings ...

Elizabeth from Canada The Christ mas Installation is Wonderful. The clarity and upholding properties are palpable and the energy in our home is literally pulsating! I want to thank you for the outstanding support and the innovative Diamond technology that holds us securely while allowing and supporting growth, brilliantly.