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"Premium Connection" Subscription to Diamond Alignment Energy Activation
Plug into the Diamond Energy Grid and Activate your Highest Potential!
Special MP3 Audio Gift - "Deepening your 6-minute Diamond Alignment Experience"

In this MP3 recording, Jacqueline Joy takes you deeper into the meaning of each element of the 6-minute Diamond Activation, which amplifies the effect of the Diamond Energy Transmission in your life.

US $360

Special MP3 Gift
With Purchase

US $180

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US $30

Special MP3 Gift
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The "Premium Diamond Connection" subscription to the Diamond Alignment Energy Activation hooks you up to the Worldwide Diamond Energy Grid ... a very powerful Diamond Energy Infrastructure stretching across the Planet ... so that you may receive a Flow of Diamond Energy to support your Highest Potential 24 hours a day!

The 6-minute ONLINE Diamond Alignment Activation (experienced twice a day for best results), strengthens your ALIGNMENT with your Highest Potential, keeps your energy field CLEAR, your vibration HIGH and your energy flow STRONG ... empowering you to stay FREE of the limitations of the horizontal trance and create Diamond Wealth of Being! at all levels of your life!

The "Premium Diamond Connection" Diamond Alignment Subscription subscription includes:

  • Unlimited Access to the 6-minute online Diamond Alignment Energy Activation
  • A "Golden Blast" that clears your Energy Field (before the online Activation)
  • Being part of our very powerful Global Community through the Diamond Energy Grid (See The Diamond Grid)

  • PLUS ...

  • A continuous flow of high-frequency Diamond Energy to support your Highest Potential 24 hours a day
  • A 60-second "On-the-go" Diamond Tool for Clearing your Energy Field & Activating your Diamond Alignment anywhere, anytime ... when you are away from your computer
  • Advanced Remote Diamond Clearings & Transmissions done for you by Jacqueline Joy DAILY

You will need the following App to view the 6-minute Diamond Activation (a Flash movie):
"Photon Flash Player" - for your iPhone or Android phone.

See Full Description of Premium Diamond Connection See FAQs for Premium Diamond Connection See Subscriber Testimonials for Premium Diamond Connection

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When you give the gift of Diamond Alignment, ultimately the gift that you are giving is the potential for true Wealth of Being ... a phenomenon that occurs when our lives are infused with the Magic of the Sacred.

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